Sweater Weather

Finally! Feels like fall in the City of Angels! To prepare for this anticipated season, I dug deep into my closet and got all my sweters and jackets ready for the breezy weather fall brings. To celebrate the first day of this season, I went out with my favorite Alexander Wang sweater. This sweater is a very special piece I have hidden in my closet. We have been through many seasons together, and it has this unique look that just will not go away. It's knitted like a giant fishnet with cute pompoms. Super cool, right?! Big sweaters are an essential piece for the fall season. Especially the sweaters that give you a warm and cozy feeling. So, what's your favorite piece to wear for fall? Please, share your thoughts!


Sweater: Alexander Wang  ||  Shorts: Vintage Levi's  ||  Fedora: Anthropologie  || Boots: Zara



Photo by The Lovely Laura