Fringe on Sunset Blvd

One of the great things I love about LA is the amazing architecture you can find anywhere! Like this building I came across on Sunset Boulevard. I passed by so many times but never got a chance to really stop and take in the beauty of it's design. Once I went up the stairs I was in awe of its beauty that you can't see from the street. For this day I wore a pin stripe two-piece suit from H&M with suede fringe high heels from Schutz. I love the new heels! I could wear these everyday of the week and not get bored of them. Move over boyfriend, these are my new babies! Suede fringe and lace-up with suede tassel details are amazing and dramatic. I love the way it dances around my ankle when I walk. Be sure to check out the links below!

Jacket: H&M  ||  Shorts: H&M  ||  Tee: Forever21  ||  Shoes : Schutz  ||  Bag : Deux Lux


Photo by D.K.L.A