Cozy & Chic Blanket

To beat the cold weather, I love to wear as many layers as I can to keep myself warm. At the same time, it's really hard to look cool with all the big layers under me. So what's a girl to do?! Lucky for you I got the answer! There's a perfect piece for layering during the winter I have kept to myself, but today I unveil my secret, and it is the blanket cape! Thanks to Burberry's Collection in 2014, the Geo Graphic Blanket became a huge trend for the winter. Chloe also came up with a beautiful patchwork poncho that reflects this season's retro mood. It has an asymmetric hem that drapes down beautifully. Blankets are an easy style to pull off. It goes well with many outfits and it'll give off a bold statement. You can take the center stage against all black outfits. Drape it over your shoulder and strut down that runway by paring it with knee high boots. The fun part of wearing a blanket is that you can drape it any way you want, while keeping you warm and cozy. Since most of us can't afford Burberry or Chloe, ask your boyfriend! For those without a man don't worry, you can easily find affordable versions. Check out the links below to find your perfect blanket! You will love it! It'll leave you wondering how you survived all these winters without it :) 


           TOPSHOP : Stripe Blanket  || ZARA : Stripe Poncho  ||  Sanctuary : Desert Sky Blanket Coat

Butter Soft Suede

This fall's hottest trend must be suede! Suede jackets with fringe, suede a-line mini skirts, suede shorts, suede shirts, capes, embroidered mini skirts. Countless suede pieces are the core of this year's fall trend. To make your look a little more special, try and add some cool details like studs, grommets, patchwork or embroidery on suede. It will make your look very chic and unique! 

Smells like Teen Spirit

I am totally craving this raw edge denim style right now. It's a very 90's grunge vibe but in a sophisticated way. It makes a bold statement to outfits. Love it!

Click Img to see more cool raw edge denim styles :)


Plaid Season

Finally fall is coming to LA! (Well, it's still hot during this week but that LA for you) I can feel it in the air, fall is here with us. Everybody has at least one plaid outfit in their closet, right? Pull out your plaids and let's mix them together to make one outfit! It's a fun new look for fall. Don't be afraid to mix it with different prints like floral or gingham too. Trust me, you'll have a lot of fun :)

click img to see more cool plaid looks :)