Kate Bosworth, City Girl's Bohemian look

Kate Bosworth,

Bohemian rocker chic with a city girl's sassy vibe.

Kaye Bosworth's style is very fashion forward and trendy with a bohemian vibe. Her style can be described with outfits  such as mod silhouette mini dresses with rider jacket, mini skirt with boxy shirt or sweater matched with suede ankle boots. Her pale skin and blonde hair with bright red lips goes well along with her simple and easy yet sophisticated style. 

She is always fashionable and well-known for her T.P.O (Time | Place | Objective) appropriate style.

Recently, she's been wearing 70's styles such as flare cut Indigo Dungaree with tight white tee shirt or a bright bleached slight flare cut denim with mock neck sleeveless sweater matched with Saint Laurent's western inspired silver buckle belt. She pullls it off so well and of course, she looks super chic with those styles.